OTC Atomic Swaps
Customized, trust-minimized, and secure crypto trades With your counter-party of choice
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We have done the work required to make atomic swaps trustless and reliable so that all you need to do is choose your coins, connect your wallets, and press a few buttons.
Trust-Minimized And Secure
Conduct an atomic swap directly from your preferred wallet. Trades are guaranteed to either successfully execute or refund the parties involved. We can never access your funds or censor your trade.
Trade Bitcoin for Ethereum-based coins with your counter-parties. Convert BTC to an ERC20 stablecoin like DAI without any additional costs or fees added for cross-chain exchange.
There are no complicated account setups or KYC/AML restrictions. Trade directly from your wallet with a counterparty of your choice. Only the parties involved know the details of the trade.
With truly peer-to-peer atomic swaps, you own and deploy your own smart contracts, meaning that no one can add more overhead to your trade in the form of fees or “utility” tokens.
How To Swap
Have A Counter-Party
We currently provide OTC trading features, which means you need to have a trading partner prior to initiating an atomic swap. Mainly, you will need the addresses your counter-party wants to use for transacting and the amounts for each coin in the trading pair.
*You can trade with yourself to test — it sometimes requires more wallets if it is a cross-chain trade and some extra work for you filling roles on both sides of the trade.
Our team is hard at work on building market and exchange tools that will not require traders to have their own counter-parties. We hope to have those features available in the near future.
Create Your Atomic Swap
Use either our web interface or desktop app to enter the swap details and initiate the exchange. Select the coins and amounts, connect your wallets, and add your counter-party’s addresses.

We currently support Ledger and MetaMask wallets. We do not store any data about your wallets or transactions.
Initiate And Execute
Simply press a button to send the first transactions to their blockchains. Technically speaking, you are creating and funding your own smart contracts that together act as an escrow which is only accessible to you and your counter-party.

Afterwards, follow instructions for executing the swap. These are easy actions such as sending a trade link to your counter-party (where they can execute their swap actions) and connecting your wallet to transfer your coins.
Claim Your Coins
The magic of our atomic swaps is that the trade either successfully executes and both parties receive their requested coins, or both parties are refunded when terms are not met. There is no opportunity for a bad actor to receive coins without sending coins.

Each party has a maximum of six hours to complete their side of the trade. Claiming coins requires connecting your wallet to authorize the transaction.
Start A Swap
Download The Desktop App
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